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Sandy Elders
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To:"David Axelrod, The White House"

I would agree that we need healthcare reform. However, the current Obamacare is just a tactic to overthrow the freedom of the people of America. How is it that liberals can get behind something they are to uphold? Like the constitution. Have any of you Obamans read that ever? Government is not supposed to be big brother. We need less government. Obama promised less/smaller government when he was running. Obviously a lie. He has overthrown the auto industry and has taken over banks.

Cap and Trade will end more jobs and companies in America and will increase taxes on the American People. Obama can not run this country because Freedom will die hard. Obama waged an attack on the American people by telling his Union Hitmen to flood us out at rallies. Obama has now committed criminal acts against the people of this country. Why do I say this? Well, he called out the Union dogs and they are starting physical confrontations with conservatives. In my opinion, Obama is directly responsible for the actions of those who he called to action.

Sorry, the president of the FREE world should carry himself a little better than that. The American people are tired of strong arm scare tactics by politicians. It is okay for Americans to agree with liberals and Obama and protest conservatives; however, when conservatives stand up for their freedoms and refuse to bow down to the liberals, we get attack dogs sent after us.

We want healthcare reform and agree it is needed, but hijacking the Freedom of the American people is wrong. Being able to play "God" and determine who gets treatment and who does not, is wrong. Being able to determine who lives and who dies, is wrong.

You say there is misinformation out here on Obamacare. Is it misinformation that states in the Bill that you can keep your private coverage through your employer but when you lose it, if you do, then you won't be able to get back on any other private healthcare? You have to then take the government's healthcare. The fact government officials and Obama do not have to participate in the same healthcare as the rest of us is supposed to be alright with everyone? Don't think so. Nor do I believe that any liberal in government wants what is best for this country or the FREE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE.

Obama is hijacking America.
Obama is trying to take control of something that is not his.
This country belongs to the People.
The government of this country belongs to the people.
The government is not a democracy, but rather a republic and you know it. Government has just changed it.
America will remain free.
In denying popular liberal opinion, again: We don't care what color the president is. What we care about is the honest truth.
We care about keeping our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.
We care about the constitution and the Bill of Rights.
We care about freedom.
We care about eachother.
We care about our government.
Why not hold a vote in America for the healthcare reform, after putting it out here for people to get and read. Hold an election date for a Saturday or Sunday and let the people speak. We are the ones who should be passing bills anyway, not government. We have a government who is supposed to be by the people for the people.
Are you listening to what people are saying?
I don't think so, because on the news the other night, Obama said he would pass healthcare reform no matter what.

Obama's arrogance will be his undoing. The American people do not like being attacked, called a mob, or to have people state they are paid off to show up. We are not paid. We are legit. We will be voting for any party in the future other than Democratic or Liberal.


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