Friday, August 7, 2009


Sandy Elders
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I am not notifying you of "fishy" talk or emails on healthcare. I am giving you my opinion on the matter.

I disagree with government run health care and no I do not believe the government has the right to determine who should live by receiving treatment and who should die from having treatment denied.

America is a free country. Obama and liberals currently running the country are crippling our country and trying to destroy Freedom in America. I never thought I would see someone running our government in my lifetime, who so openly hates America and the freedom we have and share here in this country. I am very disappointed.

People have come out and said that America just was not ready for a black president. I disagree. I don't care what your skin color. I care about your heart and mind and the fact that the President of the United States of America should carry himself with respect of the American citizens and respect for our constitution and rights. Obama and others in government today act as though they hate America and the freedom we have in this country.

The American people are tired of politics as usual. Obama has done nothing to help this country. Taking away or trying to take away the freedoms of the people in America is not the way to help our country.

I have not nor have I ever been paid off by any party to protest anything. I speak my mind as many others. Nancy Pelosi is nuts. All the others in government who are making fun of those of us speaking out are nuts, and they have no right to insult Americans in this way for exercising our right of Freedom of Speech. By calling on others to turn us in and by sending out extreme liberals to attack us, you have shown that you hate our country and that you hate us.

NO scare tactic will shake the true FREE American Patriots and nothing can make us go against what we so firmly believe in. Even the soldiers who have fought and died for the United States, its freedom and the safety of its citizens disagree with what you all are doing in government. They are not here to be able to speak for themselves. They are off fighting your wars. So many of us speak for the soldiers as well as for ourselves.

Thank you for your time and for reading this email. Guess what? I am not an idiot and neither are most of us out here who are against the healthcare plan. We simply want what is right for Freedom, America, and the citizens of the United States. Pretty Simple? Well, Washington D.C. needs to wake up and listen. The majority do not want what you are doing. But instead of listening, you hijack everything and make everything the way you want it. Putting out assaulting commercials on America's people is childish, and proves what I have said in this email.


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