Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Time is short. Christians must act NOW and must act FAST. We must have prayer in a 48 hour window where Christians can pray and go to their churches and meeting places and pray in regard to following:

1. Asking God to give us more time.
2. Asking for strength.
3. Renewal of committment to God and to Jesus Christ.
4. Renwal of service to both God and to Jesus Christ.

The greatest power in the world is in Christians. God loves us and listens and answers our prayers. I fully believe with all the pointers in revelation toward time frame, that a time can not be completely figured is because the power is in Christians world wide to determine somewhat. I believe if we, Christians, request more time, God will give it to us and it will at least stop what is currently coming very fast. I believe Christians are the only people on earth whcih can delay what is pre-written in Revelation. Where we may only be able to delay things for a while, the Christian community as a whole needs some extra time to re-commit and renew their faith.

We need a time of renewal of strength from God. Look around you. Do you believe the Christians you see around you would stand for God against anything? No matter the means, no matter the cost. Will Christians stand? Will Christians stand together? Will those who are in the worst countries be willing to stand even to the point of facing certain death? Is your own faith strong enough to stand against anything for God?

These are tough questions to answer not faced with those types of situations currently. However, if you have read and studied your Bible, then you know these things are coming. Even if you believe in the rapture, and many Christians do, you do not know for sure when the rapture will occur or what will take place prior to the rapture. What will you be willing to endur for Christ?

NOVEMBER 13 AND 14, 2009 I would like all Christians to pray. Some will be working, some will be home, but I ask that everybody pass around this date, talk to your churches and prayer groups, it is not meant to be where you are expected to be in prayer for a full 48 hours, but for churches, groups and individuals to have a 48 hour window, in which to come together, to pray not for America alone, but for the world and for the governments, and for the people, so that we may have renewed faith, new dedication to God, and an extension of time in things that are coming whether it will be us facing it or others. Whether the rapture occurs prior or not. People still need more time to prepare for what is ahead.

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Thank you and God bless.

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