Saturday, October 24, 2009

Christian World Wide Prayer Event

  Christians of all denominations must realize that this is what matters. The fact that Jesus Christ gave his life and died on a cross to save all who believe in him from their sins. On these grounds we, Christians, can stand together and stand strong.
  Recognizing the Bible as our guide and law for life and every aspect of life, Christians are empowered to stand their ground and speak out for God and for each other.
Prayer is our time to request from God what we need in order to repent of wrong doing and get our lives back in line with God’s will for us. Prayer is the time to make the request of God to give us help and strength when we need it and if it is His will to give it.
  Jesus Christ is the backbone Christians. He is the foundation of the faith we have and he is the saving way to our Father, God. Christians must put aside petty differences and meaningless beliefs in order to be able to stand together in the tough times has world has entered.
 The founding fathers of America came here to find a new world and establish a country separate from Great Britain and separate from the tyranny of being told how they could or could not worship God under control of the Roman Catholic Church. Our founding fathers wrote and signed our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They sought to be part of a Free country that was “One Nation Under God”.
Since our founding fathers. The United States has seen many presidents. Some of which have been really good for the country and others who were a threat to ending the American Freedom that our founding fathers and the people of America fought for in the Revolutionary War. Our presidents should be officials who are the people’s final stand against Congress. No kidding. The American President should be the lead in doing what the people want because our government is a government “For the People, By the People”. However, our representatives in Congress are supposed to vote based on the majority vote of the people. Our government today does not do this.
 Barack Husein Obama was elected president of the United States of America in November, 2008. Many did not bother to get the information on Obama that was important in making their decision on voting. By sleeping for years on what government has done or tried to do, we now awaken to the fact that our laziness and lack of concern for our Freedom has quite possibly cost us the very thing that makes us who we are in the world.
We are all colors and from many different countries all over the world. Most of us are Christians, but others of us are of different religions. One thing the people in America are is America. We have marched on Washington D.C. We have spoken and we have been heard. Now our current government is thumbing their noses at us and acting as if they know better than we do what we want and what we need.
Has our government gone too far? If so, what is next? For those feeling desperate and unsure of the future, how do they get understanding in order to know what is coming down the road?
The American government has gone too far. This is the reason why the American people in majority are speaking out and voicing their concerns and wants to the government. Nobody can know for sure exactly what is next except to say that the Bible tells us what we need to know. We have to study the Word of God in the Bible and get prepared. Many people are getting prepared physically for the things that are coming but many are not prepared spiritually. We must review our faith in God and ask ourselves if we are ready to make the necessary stand for God and ourselves.
In order to live, we have to prepare. I do not necessarily mean live physically in the body and life you have right now. You see, if you are a Christian, you know that in order to be reconciled to God, because of your sins, Jesus Christ had to die. In doing so, he himself is the only way to get salvation and have a relationship with God. We will all die one day. Nobody knows how they will die. A simple way of explaining eternal life follows:
If we all have a soul, then we will all live eternally. Life will go on after death. How and where? Well, if you are a Christian, life goes on in two ways. Those who are saved and are Christians will live an eternal life with God and everything will be perfect. If you are not a Christian, the Christian belief is that you will go to hell, a lake of fire. But you continue to live an eternal life of agony and pain that never ends. You experience a kind of eternal death, as I have come to refer to it, just do not ever actually die or get relief.
Keeping the above in mind, do you want to live an eternal, perfect life with God, or would you rather chance an eternal experience of agony and pain? Things are progressing quickly into the days and years discussed and warned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Christians need to study the Bible. Those who are not Christians would not be harmed by studying the Bible and by talking to someone who may be able to help explain things to them if they have questions.
America has come away from God and must return to God. Christians all over the world must, at least in spirit, stand together and pray in unity. We are God’s family. We have the power unlike that of any other group on earth and at God’s will would defeat any army that came against us. However, we have to be prepared and we have to be awake to the things God wants from us. Some Christians have been weakened in thinking being a Christian means to be passive and allow whatever happens to happen. Some believe the rapture will keep them from any of the tribulation period spoken of and taught in the Bible. Many will lose their faith when the pre-tribulation rapture does not occur. I would be happy if the pre-tribulation rapture did occur. However, I do not believe a pre-tribulation rapture will happen.
All I ask is that you look at you and at your family and talk about your lives and your faith in God. Start praying together and preparing yourself and each other for what is to come. Help others if they need it in preparing and in standing up. We must have our eyes open and we must be ready to stand no matter what. It is important to be ready and able to stand. When we stand in these days, it is not just America or freedom we stand for, but for God and for each other, Christians, around the world.
  Prayer around the world with Christians in unity praying for the same things is needed. God will hear and God will respond in His time and in accordance to His will. We need God. We need time. We need strength. We need direction and guidance. We need a re-newing of our faith in God.
Inspire your friends to check out and encourage your churches and groups to participate in the world wide two day event November 13 and 14, 2009 where all you have to do is take a few minutes out of that two day period and pray once and know you are united in spirit and prayer with brothers and sisters in Christ world wide.
Thank you for reading and we hope you will join us in prayer.
Love in Christ,
Sandy Elders or

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