Thursday, September 10, 2009


Though I would agree that perhaps timing was not on his side, I commend Rep. from South Carolina, Joe Wilson's courage to make a stand at the time he saw fit to make the impact needed to keep American people on their toes.

Last night, after working at my second job, I saw the Obama speech to Congress. I pointed out on two different occasions that this "Republican" looked like he would burst out any moment. At that point I did not even know who he was. I was right. On the television all I heard was "lie" or "liar". It was either because I was half asleep because it was late, or because there was a lot of noise in the background group in Congress and I could not clearly hear what was said exactly.

If Obama can not be repremanded for being a treasonous, sell out, of a president for our GREAT country, then I do not believe Obama should be able to wage war against Republican for loving his country and fellow Americans enough to call a duck a duck, no matter where he is.

My hat is off to you this morning. After seeing an article naming you and showing what you said. The biggest problem with Obama at this point is that the American people know he is a liar and do not trust him. We do not trust anything he says and likely never will. Trust is earned. Out of respect for our president, many of us have been quiet in the past and feel horrible now for doing so. Things have been done both by Dems and Reps to hurt our country. We are on a moral mission at this point to stop government from taking God given freedoms and rights away from us further. We will not lie down and go back to sleep as Obama and his regime would have us do.

What you, Joe Wilson, did last night, I would have done had I been in that room. I was saying it out loud at my television, just as many were, when you spoke up on the floor and said it on National television during his speech. Timing was not on your side, but you have made a friend here.

I do not know all there is to know about Rep. Joe Wilson. I intend to find out more as I will attempt to help him through this time coming where Dems will try to ruin him politically. I ask any and all who are reading this now, find out all you can about Joe Wilson and if issues represent in any means what you believe and feel, please stand by him in this upcoming trying time. Do not allow Dems to take him out without a fight. I will be looking into Joe Wilson and hopefully be able to speak with him directly at some point. Everything I read and find out I will post here and you can read it for yourself.

Thank you for reading.
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!! STAY AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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