Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You know, it would not take rocket science to get the deficit of America down. It would not be that hard. What could we do now that would fix things or at least get things going in a positive direction?

STOP fraudulent claims filed by doctors and hospitals being filed on government healthcare now, like Medicare and Medicaid. It has proven and reported time and again that doctors and hospitals have been filing claims under Medicare and Medicaid for empty hospital beds and rooms and even for procedures that have never been performed on patients in order for the doctors and hospitals and get more money. This is rediculous. Obama and others within government talking about the billions in healthcare the government spends each year could be knocked down if fraudulent claims were stopped. They can stop it.

STOP allowing illegals into this country. If you did not come here legally, get out. Otherwise, you stay and pay a higher tax for not going through the proper channels to be here legally.

This alone would cut down on costs and could help with funds being freed up in order to apply to the deficit.

Obama and the liberals would like Americans to think that there is no way out except for their way. That is simply not true.

The war in Afghanistan is extremely important. None of us want to be at war. None of us want our soldiers dying. Each soldier is a husband, wife, child and grandchild of someone here. Of course, their lives matter and it is our duty to do what we can, while they are fighting, that would ensure us getting them home safely and quickly. The only way to do this is to send them the troops necessary to take Afghanistan, win, and get home.

The soldiers know what they signed up for before they went overseas. However, they still need our support. They need to know we believe in what they are doing for us. We have to support our military. They are doing their jobs to protect us and keep us safe. Without winning Afghanistan, our country will see more terror attacks in the future.

The president must get off his butt and make the decision to send the troops requested to win Afghanistan, and get the job done.


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